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Electric, Gas or Induction? Induction Cooktops Are the Future!

January 27th, 2013 8:52 PM by Taydus Taydus

As a Realtor I get asked a lot of questions about ways to “update” a home, or what the difference is between (and my opinion) of any variety of kitchen appliances, etc.

On rare occasion (although it is becoming less “rare”) I will come across an upscale home with an Induction cooktop. Almost always my buyers will gaff and proclaim “an electric cooktop?!” After further examination, I find myself explaining that this is not your typical “electric cooktop” this is an Induction cooktop.

A few years back my husband Joe and I remodeled the home we now live in with three to four teens (depending on the day and time of year) plus any number of their friends. We had always opted for gas cooktops and had never even heard of an Induction cooktop. With so many teenage cooks in my house – everything from mac and cheese to who-knows-what, the constant upkeep of trying to keep my beautiful gas cooktops clean was more than I wanted to deal with anymore. So while searching for that perfect cooktop for our new kitchen we learned about the Induction cooktops. Being the true skeptic, I was doubtful that anything could replace my beloved gas range. So, I started asking questions and ultimately went to Viking for a cooking demonstration that highlighted the features of the Induction cooktops. I loved it! It’s easy to clean flat surface, stylish clean lines, safety features (no scalding surfaces!), and the efficiency all spoke to what I was looking for. We installed a gas line….just in case….then opted for a 5-burner Induction cooktop. I am completely converted! It is fast and very easy to regulate. I can boil water in just a few minutes (tops!) and the clean-up – WOW!

This blog is not to sell you on the idea of Induction cooktops but rather to inform you. The next time you see what looks like an ordinary electric range….look a little closer….you may notice the word “Induction” somewhere on the surface.

For more information on Induction cooktops, check out this article called “Induction Cooktops Are the Future.”

Posted by Taydus Taydus on January 27th, 2013 8:52 PM


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