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Divorce is Hell, but Selling Your Home Doesn't Have to Be - I can Help

September 22nd, 2020 5:03 PM by Taydus Taydus, AHWD, CNE, CRS, GRI

Here is a short list of unique services that I offer when selling your home.  These services are available to any home seller that is committed to working with me, however these services can make all the difference to a divorcing couple that needs and wants to focus on their emotional and financial well-being for both themselves and their family, vs. all of the minute details of their move..  


Let me take some of the stress of selling your home off of your shoulders.


I offer:


  • A pre-listing appraisal– This is not to be confused with a full appraisal.  The pre-listing appraisal is performed by a reputable, local, licensed real estate appraiser.  The appraiser will do a drive by of your home, and that, combined with any information that I provide, and using the available comps in the area, will determine a value for your home.
    1. If you would like a full appraisal, I will cover half the cost, which means your cost would only be $275 paid directly to the home appraiser (please note: extremely large homes, homes with acreage and / or multiple out buildings, etc. will cost you a bit more).  This can be a significant savings compared to the $500 - $1,000 a standard appraisal could cost.


  • Home repair or updating via Curbio – Curbio is a third party concierge service that I have chosen to partner with to assist my home sellers.  Curbio is a concierge service that can assist you with home repairs, and any updating you would like to do to yield you the most money the market will warrant for your home.  I connect you with Curbio, and they do the rest.  No tracking down contractors, or repair people.  Curbio is paid directly out of your proceeds at closing, so no stress or bickering over who pays what.


  • Home staging – Depending on your needs, I can have my home stager meet with you and provide a list of items that she feels needs to be done in order for your home to show its best, using your own furnishing; this is a service that I provide to you at no additional cost.  Or, if you would prefer to have your home professionally staged, I will have my stager stage your home and I will pay for the first month of staging for any two rooms (you would be responsible for any move in / move out charges, as well as any additional month’s staging).


  • Professional listing or move out cleaning – I will pay to have your home professionally cleaned; you choose if you would like it cleaned at the time of listing, or if you would prefer a professional move out clean so you do not have to be bothered with it.

COMING SOON: Organizing and packing service!

My goal is to be of assistance to you.  Of course this list does not include all of my standard marketing, consulting services, knowledge, experience and compassion.  If you would like a full list of my marketing services, please ask.

These services are reserved for home sellers that commit to working with me and sign a Listing Agreement.

If I can be of assistance to you, or anyone you know, please contact me, or feel free to share my contact information.  Discretion and excellent service are always my top priority.

Posted by Taydus Taydus, AHWD, CNE, CRS, GRI on September 22nd, 2020 5:03 PM

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